Architectural Competition: "ICELAND MOVIE PAVILLION"

Architects: TOFAN Arkitektur
Visualizations: VA-ARTS

The pavilion is built using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) for the structure and polycarbonate for the facade. The use of CLT allows for a fast and efficient construction process, while the polycarbonate facade provides improved energy efficiency and durability. The use of these materials not only reduces the environmental impact of the building, but also ensures its longevity and low maintenance costs.
In addition to its sustainable design, the pavilion is also economical. The prefabricated CLT panels and polycarbonate facade can be produced offsite and then quickly assembled on site, reducing construction costs and labor. The pavilion also features a movie auditorium for 50 people, a drive-in cinema in the parking lot, and a boardwalk to interesting landscape features
in the area.
Overall, our submission for the architecture competition is a sustainable, economical, and iconic building that is inspired by the local landscape and provides a unique experience for guests and hikers. The use of sustainable materials, efficient construction methods, and a focus on the local landscape make the movie pavilion a truly special and memorable
Our submission for the Icelandic movie pavilion competition is a sustainable, economical, and iconic building that is inspired by the local landscape and the unique geology of the region.
The building is located in a beautiful area near mystical caves, ancient craters and geothermal areas, providing stunning views and a new experience for the guests.
The design of the pavilion is inspired by the natural beauty of the craters in the nearby area. The building features a unique curved shape that mimics the contours of the craters, creating a sense of harmony with the surrounding landscape. The roof of the pavilion is also accessible, allowing guests to sit and enjoy the views of Hverfjall, and the surrounding
mountains. The building is oriented to the south to take advantage of the sun.

Construction & Sustainability
CLT construction, also known as cross-laminated timber construction, is a type of building method that uses large panels of wood as the primary building material. This type of construction is particularly beneficial in remote areas of Iceland for several reasons. This construction method is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It uses a renewable and biodegradable resource - wood -reducing the carbon footprint of the building. 
It is fast and efficient. The prefabricated panels can be quickly assembled on-site, reducing construction times. This is particularly important in remote areas where access to construction materials and labor can be limited.
CLT construction is strong and durable. The panels are tightly bonded together using high-strength adhesives, creating a structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes it a suitable choice for building in remote areas of Iceland.

Facade panels made of Aluminium produced in Iceland are sustainable and environmentally friendly due to the country’s use of renewable hydroelectric and geothermal energy sources to power the production process.
Additionally, the aluminium used in the production of facade panels is of high quality and can be recycled, further reducing its environmental impact. including improved energy efficiency and durability.

Channel glass is sustainable and economical because it is made from recycled glass, reducing the environmental impact of the material. Additionally, the use of channel glass can reduce energy costs due to its insulating properties.

Polycarbonate facades are sustainable and economical because they are made from recycled materials and have a long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering overall costs. They also offer improved energy efficiency and durability.

The courtyard
The courtyard of the movie pavilion offers seating for guests and is inspired by the landscape of craters and geothermal fields. The courtyard features a green oasis, providing a contrast to the surrounding landscape and a place for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The space is also a place for tourists to get warm around the fire during cold periods, and the space between the outer facade and the building serves as a keyless structure for hikers and guests to rest and take shelter even when the building is closed. The landscape and design of the courtyard provide a unique and immersive experience for visitors.
The interior of the building
The interior of the building features a cafe & bar, gallery of Icelandic film history, a movie theatre for 50 people, a reception, and other areas. Guests enter the building at its highest point, creating an exciting perspective and a sense of drama. In the summertime, the building can be opened up between the cafe and the courtyard, allowing for a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces.
WIth its many wooden elements and transluscent glass wall, the interior of the building provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors, whether they are enjoying a drink or a meal in the cafe, viewing the gallery of Icelandic film history, or watching a movie in the theatre.
How can a building be inspired by Icelandic cinema?
Our building is inspired by Icelandic cinema in several ways. The design of the building is influenced by the unique andstriking landscapes featured in Icelandic films.. Additionally, the building includes facilities for film production, such as a movie theater, providing a space for the exhibition and celebration of Icelandic cinema.
In addition to this, the building is designed to flow seamlessly into the landscape, allowing visitors to easily access and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. By creating an accessible roof, providing stunning views of the landscape and the night sky. The building also acts as a lantern in the dark Icelandic nights, providing a beacon of light and a sense of warmth and welcoming for guests and those who passes by.
Overall, our building inspired by Icelandic cinema and film is a sustainable, iconic, and immersive destination that celebrates the unique culture and history of Iceland.
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