Honorable mention in the Architectural competition for the design of the construction of the District Court and District Prosecutor's Office in Konskie, Poland

Architects: BDM Architekci
Visualizations: VA-ARTS
Poland, Konskie
Justification for selection of the work:
The honorable mention was awarded for the proposal to integrate the urban public space - the foreground of the projected court and prosecutor's office buildings with the adjacent areas defined in the local plan as an area of landscaped greenery of a generally accessible character, the area of a public access road, through the arrangement of its wide road strip and through the proposal for the development of administrative services areas closing the urban interior suggested in the local plan.

Architects: BDM Architekci
Shaped with rhythmic faults, the designed buildings of the court and prosecutor's office create a backstage introduction to this interior, while at the same time providing full exposure of the object from Wjazdowa Street. Noteworthy is the suggestion of interesting compositional solutions through the use of a characteristic rhythm of the elevation and the selection of architectural means emphasizing the rank and seriousness of the edifices of justice.
Drawings by BDM Architekci
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