Architects: TOFAN Arkitektur
Visualizations: VA-ARTS
Norway, Bergen

Striking architectural project immersed in Norway's serene Bergen forest, perched on a majestic rock cliff overlooking the sea. The modern building is characterized by its innovative design, combining black metal panels, wood features, and expansive glass elements, creating a harmonious integration with the natural environment.
Main house
Interior design
First option
Contemporary interior design project and visualization showcasing modern interiors in a building situated in Norway's scenic Bergen forest, near the sea. The interiors feature a sleek combination of white walls, wood accents, and glass, creating a clean and airy atmosphere
Interior design
second option

Two family house
Interior design
Aerial view
triangle house
Interior design
main houses
We are pleased to announce one of our newest archviz projects in the Bergen area. 
The architectural design was done by TOFAN Arkitektur.

The project is located on a cliff of sorts, fortunately, steep enough to provide a fantastic view from the top floor of all residences where the living area is located.  Surrounded by trees, the area has a spectacular view of the sea. 
One problem was maneuvering into the garage due to the steep topography, but this problem was solved by creating separate garages for some of the homes, allowing them to be located on an appropriate portion of the lot with less slope. 
Another problem was the triangular house. Because of the steep topography and the fact that the access from the main road is at the top level, the house had to be raised on posts to make it level with the road. 

Architects used the same design style in the architecture - clean lines, floor-to-ceiling windows for ample daylight, and a minimalist design. 
In terms of materials, architects suggested façade panels, which, contrary to popular belief, can look fantastic if you choose the right quality, hide the screws, let the slices adapt to the lines of the façade, and choose a matte finish.
first drafts
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