Visualizations: VA-ARTS LLC
Year: 2023

Welcome to our latest architectural rendering project, Villa on Hel. This project features a modern design set amidst the natural beauty of the Hel Peninsula, Poland.

The villa, a striking example of modern architecture, rises gracefully above the tranquil beaches of the Baltic Sea. Its design is characterized by flowing lines, wide glass windows and the use of natural materials such as clinker bricks, which perfectly harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

We sought to create a visual dialogue between architecture and the surrounding coastal environment. The project demonstrates how human creations can not only coexist but also highlight the beauty of nature.
In this project, we tried to depict the villa in different lighting conditions, highlighting how the interplay of light and shadow highlights the architectural features and texture of the clinker brick.

We are excited to share this project with the Behance community and look forward to your feedback and appreciation. Enjoy a tour of Villa on Hel.
Interior concept renders

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