The Colony
The idea of the social structure of the first colony on Mars.

The idea of the social structure of the first colony on Mars consists of five culturally distinct villages, which, joined together, will form one interdependent city. 

The villages will be built simultaneously around the edge of the crater. They will allow residents to interact through an interconnected network of tunnels, and eventually pool resources to build a university, park, hospital, and other social facilities in the center of the crater. 
Plenty of power and heavy equipment will allow residents to take advantage of Mars' natural geomorphology and tunnel inside the crater rim to create a vast habitable space that is easily pressurized and protected from radiation. All the tunnels would be interconnected for easy access in the sleeves. 

The concept assumes that the vast majority of edibles will be produced on site. Offerings range from various mixes of hydroponic/ aquaponic/aeroponic farming, insect breeding, small animal breeding, and breeding viable small fish species, Energy sources are based on the use of nuclear energy, backed up by various additional energy sources such as solar, wind, possibly geothermal, etc. 

After decades and increasing wealth and capacity, the city's inhabitants may decide to cover the entire crater with a dome and flood its basin with water and forest.

Based on researches G. Lordos and A. Lordos "Star City: Designing a Settlement on Mars".
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